Custom Designs by Monarch

Custom Jewelry by Monarch At Monarch Jewelry and Art, we pride ourselves on our handcrafted jewelry designs and believe it is the heart of our business. Our master jewelers can create exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces that are exceptional in quality. This is what sets us apart from other retail jewelers in the community and beyond. We offer the ability to create any piece of jewelry you desire, that is uniquely you, and one that reflects your style and personality. Jewelry is personal, we make sure the world sees who you are.

The Process of Making Custom Jewelry

The first step in designing a custom piece of jewelry is a one-on-one consultation to talk about design ideas and create an initial sketch. During this meeting our experienced staff will guide you through the process and educate you on the many options that are available in metals, colored stones, diamonds and styles. Whether you desire an entirely new design or wish to re-create an heirloom piece, we will provide various options for you and ensure that you are satisfied with your design.

The second step of creating your custom piece is the creation of the three dimensional wax mold. This will allow you to visualize the finished piece and make any minor changes.

The third step is the casting of the wax. Your wax is placed in the middle of investment compounds and then heated to temperatures between 1,200 and 1400 degrees fahrenheit which melts the wax and creates a mold ready for casting.

The fourth stage is casting. Your metal of choice is heated to a liquid state and poured in to the mold. As the metal cools, it solidifies and forms the raw casting of your piece.

At the fifth, and final stage, our master jeweler cleans, polishes, and sets your gemstones. The piece is carefully detailed and checked for comfort, fit and precision before being presented to you for final inspection.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to customer service. Your complete satisfaction is always our goal and we stand behind the pieces we create and expect it to bring you years of joy.

Please fill in the form below and begin the process of having a custom piece made for you to celebrate a special occasion in your life. Appointment blocks are for two hours, giving ample time for you and our representative to meet.
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